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Walmart Claims for Compensation

The reason why you may hear more about Walmart claims for compensation than injury claims made against other stores is attributable to several factors. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world and the largest private employer in the US. The company also self-insures.

With more than 5,000 stores and 2.2 million employees, there are naturally going to be more claims for compensation against Walmart than there are against smaller organizations. However, the self-insurance factor is significant in explaining why you may hear more about Walmart claims.

Whereas many smaller organizations pay insurance companies to protect them from financial liability when a customer or employee is injured, settlements of Walmart claims for compensation are paid directly by the company. Successful claims for compensation against Walmart affect the company´s profitability and consequently most claims are contested.

The Walmart Accident Report Policy

The Walmart accident report policy has often been criticized for taking advantage of injured customers who have been hurt in an accident. Usually a manager or supervisor will attend the scene of an accident after being alerted by staff. He or she will ask questions about how the accident occurred, use that information to complete a Walmart incident report, and ask the injured customer to sign the report.

The Walmart accident report policy is inherently unfair. The manager or supervisor will use language that absolves the store from liability for an accident, and have the hazard responsible for causing it removed before it is possible to take photographic evidence. Customers often do not have the opportunity to review the information on the Walmart incident report before being asked to sign it.

Customers will likely be told that the Walmart incident report will be forwarded to Claims Management Inc., and that somebody will be in contact with a claim number and details on how to can claim compensation for your accident. What you are not told is that Claims Management Inc. is a subsidiary of Walmart that manages claims for compensation against Walmart with an entire team employed to prevent the payment of accident compensation.

The Walmart Injury Claims Department

Claims Management Inc. – or, more accurately, the Walmart injury claims department – will try many different ways to avoid paying compensation. The first is not to contact an injured customer after the Walmart incident report has been filed. The second is to call the customer and advise them they are not entitled to compensation because the accident was caused by their own lack of care.

This approach by the Walmart injury claims department will often put off many customers – and employees – for pursuing Walmart claims when they have sustained an injury in an accident for which they were not to blame. Often, when customers engage a lawyer and then make claims for compensation against Walmart, the claims department will delay proceedings as much as possible.

Many Walmart claims for compensation are consequently heard in court. Even when verdicts are reached and Walmart personal injury settlements are awarded, that is not necessarily the end of the story. Often the Walmart will appeal jury verdicts, hoping for a reduction in the award. Fortunately, original jury verdicts are frequently upheld.

How to Make Claims for Compensation against Walmart

Because the manner in which Walmart claims are managed, there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to make claims for compensation against Walmart. If you have the clarity of vision after your accident to review the Walmart incident report – so it does not absolve the store of liability – and take photographs of the hazard responsible for your accident, you will have difficulty with the Walmart injury claims department.

When the Walmart injury claims department does get in contact – be on your guard. Your conversation will be recorded and the representative from Walmart will attempt to have you admit you were at fault for the accident. In this way the company can deny liability when Walmart claims are heard in court, or have Walmart personal injury settlements reduced due to comparative negligence.

The best way to make claims for compensation against Walmart is to speak with a lawyer. Even if you have signed the Walmart incident report without reviewing it, and have no documentary evidence to support your claim, your lawyer should be able to obtain CCTV footage of your accident provided that you no not delay contacting him or her at the earliest possible opportunity.

Walmart Personal Injury Settlements – What to Expect

Your lawyer will pursue claims for compensation against Walmart on your behalf, support you through litigation, and represent you at a court hearing if necessary. He or she will ensure that claims for compensation against Walmart account for every consequence of your accident – your pain and suffering, medical bills and any loss of income you have suffered as a result of Walmart´s negligence.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect Walmart personal injury settlements to be resolved quickly. As has been explained throughout this article, the Walmart accident report policy and the Walmart injury claims department are there to prevent a quick and appropriate settlement of injury compensation whenever possible. Thereafter, the company will appeal a jury award whenever possible.

No matter how you were injured – if it was in a store or in a Walmart parking lot, you should speak with a lawyer as soon as you have received medical treatment for your injury. Despite the large number of Walmart claims for compensation you may have read about, no two are identical. A lawyer will be able to give your practical legal advice that is specific to your individual circumstances.

Free Legal Advice for Walmart Claims for Compensation

If you have been hurt in an accident in Walmart, and would like further information about making Walmart claims for compensation, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experienced and helpful lawyers will discuss the circumstances of your accident, the injury you suffered, and the consequences to your quality of life and loss of income.

By seeking legal advice, you are under no obligation to proceed with Walmart claims. Our service is available to help you find out more about your entitlement to make claims for compensation against Walmart. If you subsequently wish to pursue a claim for compensation against Walmart, our confidential service is here to help you every step of the way.

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